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HF Armory - HEMA Mask Protector (removable lower)

HF Armory - HEMA Mask Protector (removable lower)

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HEMA Mask Protector (removable lower) by HF Armory, Ukraine 

Steel Lynx is an Authorized US Reseller for HF Amory 

Ships from the US (Indiana) = US Delivery Times!

HEMA mask protector HFA – protection of mask, collarbones and back of the head for historical fencing. It is made from durable fabric and reinforced by plastic

My Notes:

Used to run a AF Mask but now I run this all the time with a saber mask underneath.  The protection offered for Longsword is nice and I like the extra bib in front.  It is very nice though that I can take the front bib off and use it for Rapier as well!

HF Armory:

HEMA mask protector HF-Armory – is solid and comfortable mask protection for HEMA fencing and other kinds of
armored combat.
HEMA mask protector closes your neck, collarbones and backhead from strikes and thrusts. There is rigid plastic plate for better head protection in its’ back.
Also, lower segments that protects breast bone and clavicles are reinforced with plastic. Moreover, the lower part can be taken off and removed for fencing with a light weapon and can be put on back for fencing with heavy or two-handed weapon.

HEMA mask protector HF-Armory is a solid and comfortable mask protection for good price.

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