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HF Armory - HEMA Mask 1000N

HF Armory - HEMA Mask 1000N

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HEMA Mask 1000N by HF Armory, Ukraine 

Steel Lynx is an Authorized US Reseller for HF Amory 

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HEMA mask protector HFA – protection of mask, collarbones and back of the head for historical fencing. It is made from durable fabric and reinforced by plastic

My Notes:

Used to run an AF Mask but now I run this mask with the HEMA Mask Protector (also available here).  The protection offered for Longsword is nice and I like the extra bib in front.  It is very nice though that I can take the front bib off and use it for Rapier as well!  I really like that it doesn't have the extra flaps the AF mask did on the side.

HF Armory:

HEMA Mask 1000N Swordplay

HF-Armory 1000H swordplay mask is a training mask, one of the most popular masks for armed martial arts in Ukraine. The mask is reinforced to 1000N with durable mesh and a secure collar. Inner removable tab – it can be washed after competitions or training.

Practical black color. Rubber strap on the forehead protects your face from contact with the mask’s mesh even during the hardest hits.

The HEMA 1000N HF-Armory mask is the perfect solution for training and competition in HEMA fencing. A great option for use as a knife fighting mask or stick fighting mask. It combines reliability, ease of use and a nice price!

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