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HF Armory - HEMA Bag

HF Armory - HEMA Bag

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This is THE Gear Bag.  The weapon's case is long enough to hold a standard longsword with extra room and has multiple weapon tie downs.  The equipment bag has multiple pockets to organize all your gloves and various and my fully armored Jacket (see Black Knight Arm Protectors) easily fits in as well as my Full Fencing Mask and Clamshell Gloves.  All of it slides right in and there are multiple packing/unpacking openings to make it very easy!

The backpack part straps easily to the back and balances the load making it super easy to port your gear around.  There are multiple handles stitched in so many ways to carry it!

From HF Armory

is durable module bag, made from thick Oxford 600D textile, which will be comfortable for usable for any kind of travels

This kind of textile is highly durable for and kind of damages, and worldwide used for military uses in many countries in world.

Unique design and modul bag allows to use this bag for any kinds of life circumstances.

One of main advantages of this bag is useful volume. You can easily put inside full fencing kit, several kinds of weapon and favorite soft toy 😉

Roll-top construction allows to increase or decrease volume of bag, depends from your needs.

Extra weapon bag can easily contain in 4-5 hema weapons. It is constructed exactly according to measurements of most popular hema weapons. Lower part of bag is reinforced by extra layer of textile, so tips of weapons won’t rip bag

Material: Oxford 600D (semi-impregnated), polyamide sling;

Color: orange + black

Features and advantages:

bag with different moduls, which can be assembled according to various needs;
well-thought-out module fastening systems allow you to conveniently and qualitatively fix part of the backpack to the base you need;
comfortable straps that copy the system of hiking backpacks for ease of movement in any conditions;
possibility to replace broken modules with more new ones without purchasing a new backpack;
special long weapon bag;
extra pockets for easy transportation and packing of the backpack;
Roll-top bag design allows you to increase the inner volume of the module;
Opportunity to add extra bags that use the M.O.L.L.E system;
original design;
the system is configured in such a way that the weight is distributed mostly on the hips and legs, and not on the shoulders
Inner volume – 70-75L.

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