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HF Armory - Black Knight Gloves

HF Armory - Black Knight Gloves

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Newest model of most protected gloves for HEMA fencing. Best choice for fencers who want maximum protection! Strongly recommended for Longsword HEMA fencing.

My Notes:

Works great with other Black Knight armor (works well with Black Knight Arms).  Use this personally and the mobility is pretty amazing.  The reinforced finger and thumb protection on the pad of the gloves are ideal!

HF Armory:

FENCING GLOVES BLACK KNIGHT – most protected model of gloves in our shop. After long time cooperation with ukrainian hema fencers we developed fencing gloves with maximum protection to use them for longsword fencing, and enough comfort grip, to use them with one-handed weapon without complex guard (Polish sabre, arming sword).
Advantages of this model:
FENCING GLOVES BLACK KNIGHT made from tough polypropylene with quilted inner padding.
Palm covered with leather for preventing sliding of handle.
Outer plates are overlapped what gives mobility and protection of hand.
Plastic thumb is made from one-pieced plate which cover thumb from 3 sides and upper part, what makes rigid frame and provide exellent protection of thumb.
Cuff plates connected by stripes which provide exellent mobility of wrist, which is very important for correct drills and swordplay.
Weight of pair less than 1 Kilo!

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