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HF Armory - Black Knight - Arm Protectors

HF Armory - Black Knight - Arm Protectors

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Steel Lynx is an Authorized US Reseller for HF Amory 

Arm protectors will be back in stock and ready to ship out in a few weeks (note: 6/23)

My Notes:  This set of armor is amazing!  The pieces fit well and can be fastened securely so I've had no issue with their weight or moving around.  THE MOBILITY, I was expecting "You are wearing armor, you can't move as much" This was NOT the case.  I feel great with this set on.  I've even been keeping them on for Rapier and Dagger sparring because they do not get in the way at all! 

Speaking of Rapier, the modular build of this arm set is great and I'm planning on using the Elbow protection for Rapier tournament events.

From HF Amory 

Arms protection Black Knight – plastic protection of arms for hema fencing training and competitions, LARP, SCA, MSF training, and other kinds of non-Olympic fencing.

Sport stylization of knight plate amour second part of XIV made from impact-resistant plastic, consists from:
1) Full closed anatomical forearm protection doesn’t spoils moves and covers all surface of the forearm.
2) Ellbow protection with rondel, protects the elbow joint from all sides. Elbow protection has a conical shape, so some part of the kinetic energy of the blow slide out from the joint.
3) Biceps protection doesn’t spoils moves and can be removed if needed.
4) Shoulder protection can be moved sides or back, and makes great protection of the shoulder joint.

Black Knight opposed to different modifications of moto and bicycle protections, developed especially for HEMA fencing, based on many years of experience in HMB and other kinds of historical fencing.
All parts are lightweight, make good protection of joints and give an opportunity for comfortable moves. They can be attached to the jacket together or made in one-piece construction, depending on your fencing style and the weapon that you use.

Arms protection Black Knight – your choice for safe and comfortable HEMA fencing!
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