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Shiny Silver Fidget Stim Toy for Restless Hands, Small -  - 1

Möbii Silverstar Fidget: Small, Shiny Silver Mobius Stress Ball Stim Toy for Restless Hands


Shiny silver color anodized aluminum fidget that is an excellent small, lightweight fidget toy to keep in your pocket, office or car. Whatever you find the need to keep your hands busy to let off some stress, anxiety, or boredom. Shiny silver finish is a great conversation piece or expression of your favorite color.

Shiny Silver colored anodized finish on aluminum. This differs from the bright aluminum fidget for $4 in that the anodized layer is smoother and requires less cleaning.

Measures 1 inch across (2.5 cm) and is easily washed if needed in regular soap and water.

Not for young children or anyone else this may present a choking hazard to.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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