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CHAINED: Limited Run; Bike Chain Fidget Restless Hand Toy, Hand Exerciser

CHAINED: Limited Run; Bike Chain Fidget Restless Hand Toy, Hand Exerciser


This hand fidget is made from two Stainless Steel rings (NOT plated nickel keychain rings) hooked together and linked together with two pairs of recovered bicycle chain links.

The rings can be flipped around each other, one-handed, in a smooth and relaxing motion. The extra links and chain with copper spacers and real stainless steel rings gives a solid feel in your hand that you won't get anywhere else.

CHAINED derives its names from not only being a piece of chain but having a string of stainless steel chain loop through to join two link sets for added stability, fastened by a flattened copper ring. This adds a unique texture and combined with the two flattened copper rings in-between the links gives a great look combining Steel, Copper, and Chain.

LIMITED RUN: I currently have 2 recovered chains with this type of linkage. My ability to make these is limited by the recovered chain I can find.
If you are thinking about it, might want to get it now, just saying...

Measures: just over 1 inch (2.5 cm) by 1 3/4 inch (4.5 cm) and weighs 1 solid oz.

Will fit flipped over on the second joints of my fingers (the middle phalanx; I just looked it up; we all learned something new today!) makes a great way to carry it around. Fits like Ring Size 8.

Handmade in the USA by me with recovered chain from an Anderson local bike shop, Buckskin Bikes, and rings sourced from North America.

Fidgets have been well washed, scrubbed and tumbled free of all grease and grime. The color remaining on the metal is the patina from being an actual reuse/repurpose chain (not just a shiny chain bought to break into jewelry). This is the metals natural patina now. This is the design and style of this fidget.

Obviously not for young children.


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