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Black Fidget Stim Toy for Restless Hands, Tactical Matte Black, Small -  - 1

Möbii Tactical: Fidget Stim Toy for Restless Hands, Matte Black, Small


Ninja's aren't suppose to be shiny, and neither is this black matte fidget. This means it is perfect for the fidget to keep your fingers busy and occupied without drawing too much attention. Or maybe you just like the Stealth Bomber like finish; I do. (Anything this color is considered tactical right?!)

Matte black anodized finish on aluminum. The ends are not anodized so it provides the silver accent lines on the joins.

Measures 1 inch across (2.5 cm) and is easily washed in regular soap and water if ever needed after a particularly hard mission (shouldn't ever be needed, but if for some reason it does, that's probably an epic story, message me, I'd love to hear it!)

Not for young children or anyone else this may present a choking hazard to.


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